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Member Spotlight: Shelby S.

Member Spotlights are a biweekly feature that shines a spotlight on the Members we serve and provides an opportunity for them to share a little bit more about themselves.

Fast Facts:

  • Years at VALLEYLIFE: 49

  • Favorite VALLEYLIFE Activity: Oktoberfest/Holiday Party

  • Favorite Food: Burritos

  • Interests: Dancing and watching TV


Shelby came to VALLEYLIFE a month and a half before his 8th birthday in 1975. He is an active Member of DTA 2 and lives with his roommates at the Karen Neilson House (formerly Tonto Group home). In the past, Shelby would also lend a helping hand in the warehouse located on VALLEYLIFE’s main campus.

In his free time, Shelby loves to dance to Cumbia Music and enjoys watching Cops on TV. While participating at DTA 2, he enjoys letting out his creative side through arts and crafts, even submitting some of his favorites to the Arizona State Fair for judging.

“VALLEYLIFE has been really good to me,” he responded when asked about what he liked the most about the organization.

A fun fact about Shelby is that he is part of the Tohono O’odham Nation, a federally recognized Native American tribe of people from the Sonoran Desert.

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