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Member Spotlight: Jeremiah E.

Member Spotlights are biweekly features that shine a spotlight on the Members we serve and provides an opportunity for them to share a little bit more about themselves.

Fast Facts:

Time at VALLEYLIFE: 8 months

Favorite VALLEYLIFE Activity: Arts and crafts

Favorite Food: Cheese pizza

Favorite Color: Red

Interests: Going to the mall and collecting lanyards


As one of Marconi Group Home’s newest residents, joining the organization in September of 2023, Jeremiah has become a welcomed addition to the VALLEYLIFE family.

Being one of the organization’s younger Members, having joined a month after his 20th birthday, Jeremiah is inching towards graduating from Lexington Life Academy later this year.

One of his favorite activities to do while at the group home is arts and crafts with DSP I Benita Bracamonte. Some of Jeremiah’s other interests include watching Paw Patrol, taking walks, playing basketball, and doing crossword puzzles. Jeremiah loves spending time with his family whenever he has the chance, often going to church with his parents on Sundays.

A fun fact about Jeremiah is that he has expressed interest in going to Grand Canyon University and hopes to one day add their purple lanyard to his collection.

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