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VALLEYLIFE Thanks Donors at Estrid Group Home Kitchen Open House

After years of planning, the final chapter of our Estrid group home’s kitchen renovation came to a close this morning with a celebratory Open House. The event, which served as an opportunity to acknowledge and thank donors for their contributions to the project, welcomed guests to experience the kitchen for themselves and enjoy a variety of tasty snacks.

Following opening remarks, representatives from Tempe Mechanical, Aspen Construction, Canyon State Electric, and Douglas Fredrikson Architects were recognized and thanked for their generosity each with their own gift. Larry Kurtz, Program Manager at Sundt Construction spearheading the project, received a special thank-you gift for all the time, energy, and materials he and his team put into bringing the project to life.

The Estrid Kitchen Project was a labor of love that Kurtz and his team are proud to have been a part of.

“We like to volunteer at Sundt and one of our goals is to be a service for our community and we like to give back to the communities we work in,” Kuntz said. “We’re willing to help out people in need and this was a perfect project for my team because we’re right down the road and we could come here after work and do a few hours of work every day until it got done. It brings a lot of satisfaction to our whole team knowing that we’re giving back to the community.”

Estrid residents officially moved back into the home earlier this year after relocating to VALLEYLIFE's Brown group home throughout the renovation period. When they returned to Estrid, they loved the new open layout, which has even made it possible for Members in wheelchairs to freely move throughout the area. What was once a kitchen closed off to the rest of the home has now become a hub for Members and staff to interact and eat together in one space.

It's those moments that make VALLEYLIFE so special for everyone, and that wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our partners and donors alike.

“We are so grateful for not only our outside partners but also for the patience our Estrid Members have shown us throughout the process,” said VALLEYLIFE Fund Developer Margaret Stephens-Reed. “We’d like to thank everybody who came together to bring this vision to life.”

Check out a photo gallery of today’s event and the finished kitchen.

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