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This program provides a safe and healthy home environment for our Members. Group homes function like traditional family homes, with up to six adult residents who, along with staff, prepare and enjoy meals together, go on outings, attend events, host engagements and support each other. Our caring and dedicated staff assists residents with all activities of daily living, such as transporting them to medical appointments and other vital services, habilitation, community involvement, training and achieving personal goals.

VALLEYLIFE operates 27 residential group homes located in communities throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. These homes are permanent residences for persons with disabilities and each provides a home environment for 3 to 6 residents. All properties are barrier-free and designed to accommodate the physical needs of those who reside there.



The focus in our Adult Services program is to provide a safe and productive environment for individuals of our community in need of support. The day program offers a variety of activities, all geared toward assisting members in achieving their individual goals.

With multiple locations in greater Phoenix area, VALLEYLIFE provides day programs designed to improve independent living, social and recreational skills, all of which encourage intellectual and social growth as well as increase opportunities for successful community involvement.

Each day program is unique and offers various enrichment opportunities, such as computer training; art and crafts; physical and speech therapy; fitness and athletics, including Special Olympics events; nutrition classes; community outings and volunteering. This program is customizable to allow members to participate in the activities from which they will most benefit and that they enjoy.



The VALLEYLIFE Vocational Services program supports individuals with disabilities in our community who need assistance obtaining or maintaining employment. We are committed to promoting independence through employment and we believe that job opportunities should be available for everyone who wants to work.

Vocational Services provides support to more than 150 individuals every day in their quest for employment opportunities. Our highly skilled staff offers employment-related services in a supportive setting that encourages independence. Members receive a customized program created specifically to meet their needs.

For more information about our Vocational Services Program, please visit our Vocational Services Page.



Through this program, VALLEYLIFE provides valuable support to children and adults with disabilities in the convenience, safety and comfort of their own home. Services give much-needed relief for the primary caregivers ad are essential in ensuring that Members are able to remain in the home setting in lieu of being moved to a long-term care facility. Employees delivering care receive extensive classroom instruction and hands-on training in a living situation, in addition to member-specific training prior to placement in the family home.

Habilitation - Outcome-based training that enhances personal skill level in the home or community. Skill training is designed to increase or maintain the individual's self-help, socialization and adaptive skills in order to reside and participate successfully in his/her own community.

Attendant Care - Provides assistance to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living conditions and/or maintain personal cleanliness and activities of daily living.

Respite - Provides short-term care and supervision, giving respite to the primary caregiver.

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