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Member Spotlight: Cindy Z.

Member Spotlights are biweekly features that shine a spotlight on the Members we serve and provides an opportunity for them to share a little bit more about themselves.

Fast Facts:

Years at VALLEYLIFE: 28

Favorite VALLEYLIFE Activity: Holiday Party

Favorite Food: Rainbow Sherbet/Pepperoni Pizza/Popcorn

Interests: Going to the movies


Cindy joined the VALLEYLIFE Family at the age of 28 in December of 1995. Now, at age 56, she is an active Member of both DTA 7 and the 6th Place group home.

As a spiritual person, Cindy often finds joy and comfort in praying and listening to gospel music. She is also a fan of Disney, watching their movies and reminiscing on past trips to Disneyland.

While at DTA 7, Cindy always strives to be on her best behavior and enjoys participating in coloring activities and walks around campus. Cindy comes from a large and loving family, with two sisters and four brothers, and she loves any opportunity she has to spend with her family.

A fun fact about Cindy is that she is known to have a great sense of humor.

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