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Talent Tribute: Ron DiBiasio

Updated: May 1

Our Talent Tribute Monthly Feature is designed to celebrate the phenomenal staff that serve our Members.

Ron DiBiasio started working at VALLEYLIFE in April 1993 as a job coach within our Vocational Program, while attending Gateway Community College for his Employment Support Specialist certification program. In 1997, he left VALLEYLIFE before returning six months later in February 1998. In July of 2004, Ron was assigned to assist at the Arizona Lottery, where he helps Members navigate their way through the workforce.

We asked Ron a few questions to learn more about his experience at VALLEYLIFE over the last few decades.


1. How would you describe your ideal day at VALLEYLIFE?

My ideal day is when our Members are working and not having difficulty doing their job, but every day is pretty much a good day.

2. What has your time at VALLEYLIFE taught you over the years?

Ron with several of the Members he works with at the Arizona Lottery.

My time at VALLEYLIFE has taught me patience. It takes a lot of patience when you are working with someone that has special needs and they need more time to catch on and you have to work with them over and over until they grasp the routine. I’ve learned to stay cool no matter what the situation might be. I’ve also learned a lot about various personalities, disabilities, and the value of each individual.


3. Can you tell us what you enjoy most about interacting with Members?

I enjoy watching them grow. A lot of them, when I first meet them, don’t have confidence and as I work with them and they know what I expect out of them, I help teach them to become independent and think for themselves. It’s like being a parent I guess, you just see the changes in them, build them up, and watch their lives change for the better.


4. What skills or qualities do you think are most important for success in your position?

I would say being able to connect with them (the Members) is an important skill to have. You need to be on their level and understand why they’re having difficulties and work with them to overcome those difficulties and be successful. I believe patience plays into that.


5. Lastly, what do you hope to accomplish or learn in your future at VALLEYLIFE?

I hope to continue doing what I’m doing at the Lottery and continue to have an impact on my Members.

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