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Member Success Story: Andrea

Andrea J. has been a Member of VALLEYLIFE’s Vocational Program since May 2022. At that time, she realized there were going to be times when employment opportunities wouldn’t go according to plan and that she would need support to overcome those obstacles, so she met with her job developer to begin her search in a supportive environment. At first, her participation with her job developer was inconsistent, but towards the end of 2022 and throughout 2023 she had found a level of consistency that worked best for her.

Growing up, Andrea had always struggled with her mental health and setting boundaries with her family. It is a challenge that she still struggles with but as she has gotten older, she’s learned that she needs to make sure she takes care of herself first and is in a good place to help others.

After over a year in the program, in October of 2023, Andrea found her passion when she was hired on as a Crisis Peer Support Specialist for Terros Behavioral Health. In her role, she recently began training that will allow her to work alongside the Phoenix Fire Department and be there when they respond to certain calls. Andrea loves her job and strongly believes this is what she is meant to do. Since starting her role her confidence has skyrocketed and she has developed a sense of importance. Her position has even assisted her by providing the means to obtain her own car.

Andrea is still an active vocational Member who continues to meet with her job developer for retention services.

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