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Member Spotlight: Shanett L.

Member Spotlights are biweekly features that shine a spotlight on the Members we serve and provides an opportunity for them to share a little bit more about themselves.

Fast Facts:

Years at VALLEYLIFE: 7

Favorite VALLEYLIFE Activity: Computer work

Favorite Food: Asian Food/Thai Food

Favorite Color: Lavender & Yellow

Interests: Bird Watching


Shanett joined the VALLEYLIFE family in 2017 as a Vocational Member after being referred to the organization by a clinic she visited. Originally from South Central Texas, she moved to Arizona in 2004 for a job. Since then, she has held several jobs before her most recent role as a desk attendant for VALLEYLIFE’s Vocational Program.

“My VALLEYLIFE experience has definitely been a positive experience,” she said. “Everyone has been super supportive in all areas of life ... I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who are interested in seeing me succeed.”

In addition to bird watching, Shanett also has a love for older TV shows like I Love Lucy, Columbo, and Bonanza just to name a few. Since becoming a VALLEYLIFE Member, she has consistently created goals for herself to continue to better herself, with one of her most recent achievements being her completion of her Peer Support Certification. She has now set her sights on improving her computer skills as well as her creative problem-solving and organizational skills.

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