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Member Spotlight: Daniel Q.

Member Spotlights are biweekly features that shine a spotlight on the Members we serve and provides an opportunity for them to share a little bit more about themselves.

Fast Facts:

Years at VALLEYLIFE: 5

Favorite VALLEYLIFE Activity: Oktoberfest

Favorite Food: Pepperoni pizza, strawberries, chocolate milk

Favorite Color: Red

Interests: Watching YouTube and diamond paintings


Since joining the Day Program in September 2018, Daniel has become a beloved addition to the VALLEYLIFE family.

Anyone who has visited DTA 1, knows that Daniel is not only an active Member of the group, often getting involved in Special Olympics, but also an impressive artist. Whether he’s working on arts and crafts activities or decorating the DTA with his diamond paintings (like the one pictured), there is no denying that he has talent in the arts.

In addition to art, Daniel also enjoys surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, and conducting research on topics that interest him. Being an avid learner, Daniel is known for his love of books and often expresses himself through his writing.

Outside of his time at DTA 1, Daniel lives at home with his family and enjoys traveling with them. His most recent upcoming trip will be to Costa Rica with his family.

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