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Make a Difference: Volunteer at VALLEYLIFE

Often, so many of us find ourselves seeking a greater sense of purpose and connection to the larger community around us. One of the most unique opportunities we have to positively impact the world around us is by donating our time and energy through volunteering.

At VALLEYLIFE, we believe that there is no limit to the progress we can make for our Members when we all work together. If you have ever considered giving back to a community in need, we invite you to join us on our mission to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.

We are primarily accepting volunteers to assist us in prepping healthy meals for our residential Members within our Healthy Prep Kitchen on our main campus but we may have other opportunities available.


Why Volunteer?

1. Positively impact Members’ health: Every meal prepped within our Healthy Prep Kitchen is used to ensure that VALLEYLIFE Members are provided with healthy options that are simple for staff to prepare. With Member safety being a primary focus within our group homes, cooking isn’t always a skill that comes naturally to our staff. By prepping ingredients and providing step-by-step instructions, we help alleviate some of that work from our staff while also ensuring VALLEYLIFE Members are eating foods that positively impact their health and development.

2. Team Building: VALLEYLIFE’s Healthy Prep Kitchen is the perfect volunteer opportunity for groups/organizations looking for a team-building exercise that leaves a lasting impact. We can currently accommodate a group that includes up to six volunteers.

3. Skill Building: Whether you are new to the kitchen or a kitchen connoisseur, volunteering in our prep kitchen provides an opportunity to build or enhance skills in a fun environment. You may even learn a fun new recipe or two!

4. Mental Well-being: It has been shown that the act of volunteering can help reduce stress, increase happiness, and develop confidence.


Hear from our Volunteers

  • Lavidge: In May, Several groups from Lavidge, a local ad and marketing agency, volunteered within our Healthy Prep Kitchen. Megan Wahl, Associate Director of Public Relations at Lavidge, had this to say: “Lavidge is committed to serving our community and is always looking for new opportunities to give back. We had never teamed up with VALLEYLIFE before and truly enjoyed our time assembling delicious meals for residents to easily prepare at home. After our shift, Ann took the time to give us a quick tour and tell us more about VALLEYLIFE and its history, which was great. We look forward to volunteering again, soon.”

  • Phil Mastores: Phil Mastores has been a VALLEYLIFE volunteer for over a decade, offering his time to read books and share stories with VALLEYLIFE Members at DTA 6. Phil had this to say about his experience as a volunteer: “My favorite part of volunteering is seeing the same people. Funny enough, I’ve been doing this since 2010, which is a long time, and we’ve had basically the same Members at DTA 6 the whole time … They’re like family.”


How to Apply to Volunteer


If you are ready to help us make a lasting impact on the lives of people with disabilities, reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Polunsky at or (602) 216-6385 to learn more about current volunteer opportunities and to sign up.

To see some more images of some of our wonderful volunteers in action, check out the gallery below.

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