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VALLEYLIFE's Estrid Group Home Receives Donated Kitchen Renovation and Awaits Open House

Before construction

It’s no surprise that 2023 was a year of tremendous growth for VALLEYLIFE, with several large projects reaching the construction phase throughout the year. One of those projects, the Estrid group home kitchen renovation, has had quite the journey in becoming a reality.

After early planning halted at the beginning of the pandemic, work on the project had lain dormant until June of 2023, when a team of subcontractors met with VALLEYLIFE officials and resurrected an architectural plan.  Larry Kurtz, a Program Manager for Sundt Construction Company, officially kickstarted construction in August and worked tirelessly on the project until it was completed in early 2024.

Early phases of construction

The home, which was built in the 1980s, was originally designed to keep the kitchen separate from the spacious living area, making it hard to know what’s going on in other parts of the home. This created a problem for staff caring for Estrid Members, making it impossible to utilize the kitchen while also keeping an eye on Members in the living room. The renovation called for the removal of the wall separating the two rooms and the creation of a breakfast bar, allowing for additional counter space and visibility. In addition, the kitchen received updated appliances and cabinetry to create a more modern aesthetic.

VALLEYLIFE plans to host an official open house to celebrate the opening of the kitchen but an official date has yet to be announced. The event

More progress

will showcase the new kitchen to attendees, some of whom include members of the VALLEYLIFE Board of Directors and select VALLEYLIFE donors.

VALLEYLIFE would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Larry Kurtz and Sundt Construction Company for all of the hard work and effort put into the project and creating a beautiful kitchen for our Members.

Keep an eye out for more information to come regarding the Estrid kitchen open house.

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